Achieve your fundraising goals with Focus USA lists

Fundraising requires creativity and prospects list that are current and relevant to your cause.

The responders on the Hotline Donors by Cause file are donors generated from large fundraising marketers. These donors have responded to a direct mail offer and made a charitable contribution.

The Democratic Party Supporters & Contributors file delivers Democratic Party members who are active supporters and donors who have made 2+ charitable donations to Democratic election campaigns, political action committees, organizations for legislation and other causes over the last 30 days.

Reach millennials through their passion on our Our Millennial Donors mailing list. Ninety-three percent of those aged 18-35 have donated to non-profit organizations.

Need to know

A recent donor survey revealed that the 65+ group may not be the only target of fundraisers in the future. People age 30-50 were found to give twice as much as older and younger age groups. Additionally, the gifts of young adults (age 18-29) are only $20 a year less than the 65+ group. Mailers may want to test these three age groups from within this list.

Donors are likely to make multiple donations and volunteer to support the organizations they fund. Here are a few interesting facts:

  • 88% of households give to charity
  • The majority of charitable dollars goes to religion – 31%
  • Online giving grew 8.9% in 2017
  • 17.4% of overall giving happened in December 2017
  • 9.5% of online donations are made on mobile devices

High Gift Political Contributors are an excellent target audience for fundraising, political offers, investments, travel offers, high-end catalogs, credit cards and financial offers. We have a growing number of donors:

Democrats – 1,419,000+
Multi-Donors – 663,000+
Republicans – 1,021,000+
$1,000+ Donors – 773,000+

We maintain a database of virtually every household in the U.S. that includes vast and detailed data coverage: from mail order buyers, online shoppers and transactional data to behavioral, lifestyle, credit, demographic and census data. More importantly, we know how to get the most out of this valuable marketing data through aggregation, segmentation, manipulation, profiling, modeling and analytics.

Focus USA is more than just a direct marketing data list provider.

We are a specialized marketing response agency that delivers both online and offline data solutions. We work closely with every client, providing strategic approaches to their marketing data management needs and delivering powerful results that drive sales and fuel success.