Mortgages + New Homes = Spending

Mortgages and home equity loans point to consumers who are motivated to spend.

Focus USA has an effective mix of lists each targeted to capture the prolific spending of recent or existing homeowners. Here is just a sampling…

The consumers on FOM: FocusOn Mortgages are in the midst of a significant lifestyle change. Their ability to secure a mortgage indicates both financial stability and a desire to fund major expenditures to improve their daily lives.

The Credit Score Index (CSI) database is built on powerful predictors, such as mortgage information, retail card debt, revolving credit card debt & other loan and financial information. This list works well for a wide range of offers including banking & financial offers, debt consolidation & refinancing, bank & retail card offers, mortgage offers, direct-to-consumer insurance offers, automotive offers, highly promotional & low-end offers.

Need to know

  • Because, new movers are needy! They need to secure new and reaffirm existing business relationships for home furnishings, groceries, child care, medical services, restaurants, automotive services and much, much more. In fact, these special “needy” consumers spend more in the first six months following a move than the average consumer spends in many years.
  • New movers’ spending behavior averages $9,000 per move (9X more than that of a non-mover during the first 12 months), with annual new mover expenditures exceeding $150 billion.

Approximately 14% of the U.S. population moves each year spending over $100 billion on move related goods and services. The consumers on FocusOn Pre-Movers & Pending Sales have either just listed their home for sale or have their home in escrow.

The Credit Score Index (CSI) was created to identify FICO-like scores on the Focus USA database without the burden of making a pre-approved offer. CSI can be used to identify prime and subprime prospects for specific offers:

  • ARM – Perfect Refi Prospects
  • Fixed Loan Mortgages Refi Prospects
  • Homeowners Eligible for Loan Modification
  • Reverse Mortgage Candidates

We maintain a database of virtually every household in the U.S. that includes vast and detailed data coverage: from mail order buyers, online shoppers and transactional data to behavioral, lifestyle, credit, demographic and census data. More importantly, we know how to get the most out of this valuable marketing data through aggregation, segmentation, manipulation, profiling, modeling and analytics.

Focus USA is more than just a direct marketing data list provider.

We are a specialized marketing response agency that delivers both online and offline data solutions. We work closely with every client, providing strategic approaches to their marketing data management needs and delivering powerful results that drive sales and fuel success.