Automotive Purchasing, Insurance and Services Lists

Our Automotive lists are comprised of highly responsive individuals looking to purchase or secure insurance for cars and auto-related products.

Focus USA has an effective mix of lists each targeted to a different segment of Automotive purchasing and services. Here is just a sampling…

Reach credit challenged consumers who are ready to buy a car and are actively searching for an auto loan with our Subprime Auto Loan Seekers list.

With FocusOn Auto you can reach auto owners and/or auto leasees with lease expiration date. Our comprehensive auto database with over 125 million postal addresses has 100% matching emails. Selects include Make/Model/Year, In Market to Buy, Leasee/Lease Expiration Date and Loyalty Buyers. Motorcycle and ATV owners are also available to select.

The Auto Mega File is the best choice for companies marketing insurance and other auto-related products. Not only does it contain auto insurance x-dates, but also vehicles by make, model and year as well as VIN, all of which is selectable.

Nationwide Auto Intel is one of the largest and most comprehensive auto files on the market. This is more than an auto file, motorcycles, boats as well as recreational and commercial vehicles are available. Nationwide Auto Intel is derived from multiple sources, including dealerships, service centers, insurance and warranty information, online, public records, vehicle maintenance, title services and manufacturers.

Our Automotive Lists:

FocusOn Auto
125,365,000 +
Canadian Auto Owners
864,000 +
Feeling Lucky Planning to Buy Insurance
8,135,000 +
FocusOn Life’s Milestones
17,633,000 +
In Market to Purchase a Car
17,348,000 +
Nationwide Auto Intel – Auto Owners
183,310,000 +
The Auto Mega File – Auto Owners
91,308,000 +

Need to know

Focus USA’s Auto Files are some of the largest, most comprehensive auto files on the market offering the best choices for companies selling vehicles, marketing insurance, loans, extended warranties and other auto related products. Not only do we offer auto insurance x-dates, but also vehicles by make, model and year as well as VIN, consumers looking for auto loans, individuals looking to purchase cars, motorcycles, boats and RVs and families with multiple cars in the garage.

Use our proprietary database of 180MM vehicle owners, 110MM unique households and 60MM million business prospects to drive sales and fuel your business success.

Focus USA data will provide the pin-point targeting you need to help you identify ready buyers/lessees, re-activate prospects, boost your branding and loyalty campaigns, improve customer service

Dealerships must stay ahead of their competition especially on the local level since they are competing for the same customers in very saturated markets. Focus USA has designed “Neighborhood Marketing” Solutions to drive dealership traffic and impact overall revenue stream.

  1. Stand out from the competition
  2. Increase customer traffic into your dealership
  3. Increase the number of test drives
  4. Identify real buyers from tire kickers
  5. Keep your present customers loyal
  6. Turn one-time buyers into repeat buyers
  7. Increase revenue from existing customers
  8. Decrease attrition of existing customers who may seek their next car somewhere else or online
  9. Full Turnkey Creative Solutions

We maintain a database of virtually every household in the U.S. that includes vast and detailed data coverage: from mail order buyers, online shoppers and transactional data to behavioral, lifestyle, credit, demographic and census data. More importantly, we know how to get the most out of this valuable marketing data through aggregation, segmentation, manipulation, profiling, modeling and analytics.

Focus USA is more than just a direct marketing data list provider.

We are a specialized marketing response agency that delivers both online and offline data solutions. We work closely with every client, providing strategic approaches to their marketing data management needs and delivering powerful results that drive sales and fuel success.