Life’s milestones – reach consumers at the right time

Big life events trigger the most spending…we’ll help you find them first.

Life-changing, or trigger – events, have an enormous impact on consumer buying behavior. Whether consumers are getting married, having a baby, or buying a first home or automobile, all will have specific needs for products and services.

The individuals on ConsumerResponse Life Event Triggers have responded to a non-incentivized online survey answering specific questions about their personal lifestyle, buying habits, and lifestyle changes.

The Buyer Advantage Prenatal Shoppers file identifies expectant mothers, selectable by trimester, are identified through registrations on mother’s to be websites and surveys associated with prenatal and infant baby offers.

Our FONM database of new homeowners and new movers is sourced from over 20 unique feeds that include deeds from over 3,100 courthouses, financial transaction change of address, new phone and utility connects, publication subscription change of address, as well as private customer change of address.

Need to know

Milestones – the significant events or stages in one’s life – trigger a measurable change in a consumer’s normal buying behavior. The consumers on FocusOn Life’s Milestones, one of our many Life-Trigger Event lists, have just had or are about to have a life event such as a milestone birthday, a wedding, or a new addition to the family as well as other life events such as graduating college or buying a first home. With each life event comes the need and want for consumers to spend. These lists offer the perfect opportunity to reach consumers at the right time – before, during, or after their life event.

These are just some of our Life Milestone events:

Continuing Education & Degree SeekersNewly Engaged
Expecting GrandparentsPlanning to Buy a Boat/RV/Motorcycle
Expecting ParentsPlanning to Buy a Car
First Time Credit Card HolderPlanning to Move
First Time DriversPlanning to Retire
First Time HomeownersRecent College Grads
Job SeekersRecent High School Grads
Just Built a New HouseRecent Retirees
Just MarriedRecently Divorced
Looking to Switch Health Insurance ProvidersRenewal Dates for Auto Insurance
Milestone BirthdaysRenewal Dates for Homeowners Insurance
New Births/NewbornsUnemployed
New Homeowners

We maintain a database of virtually every household in the U.S. that includes vast and detailed data coverage: from mail order buyers, online shoppers and transactional data to behavioral, lifestyle, credit, demographic and census data. More importantly, we know how to get the most out of this valuable marketing data through aggregation, segmentation, manipulation, profiling, modeling and analytics.

  • 37 million people (over 12% of the total population) moved within the U.S. in 2017.
    • 55% stayed in the same county
    • 19% more remained in the state
    • 10% moved to a different state
    • 54% relocated for better housing
  • 1 in 3 renters move at least once annually.
  • An additional 2 million people legally migrate to the U.S. each year.
  • 37% are first time buyers
  • Average Length of Residence = 6.5 years
  • Spending typically exceeds that of non-moving
    home owners and continues for two years after moving
  • 77% are aged 24 – 65
  • Avg. age of 39
  • 63% have a college degree
  • $65,000 avg. household income
  • 64% own at least 2 vehicles
  • 1 in 11 homeowners move yearly
  • 70% purchase by mail
  • 28% are for investments or vacation properties