Real people, real devices, real results.

Real people, real devices, real results.

Use Multi-channel Branding to enhance your direct mail campaigns by creating strategic connections between offline and online campaigns. Raise awareness of your brand by diversifying media and maximize your visibility to viewers on their phone, tablet, laptop or TV. Not only will you get in better management of results and sales, you can also expect to increased your ROI – potential customers are more likely to respond when you target them on diverse platforms.

Multi-Channel Packages include:

  • Targeted Email
  • Full Redeployment
  • Digital Display & Mobile Ads
  • In-Depth Reporting Across Each Channel

How it works


Multi-Channel Branding IDENTIFY - How it Works


Multi-Channel Branding MATCH - How it Works


Multi-Channel Branding REACH - How it Works

6 reasons WHY you should utilize a multi-channel campaign

  1. Eliminate Fraud and maximize your marketing spend.
  2. Reach customers across ALL devices – phone, tablet & desktop
  3. The Synergistic effect results in a 20-30% lift in engagement compared to a single channel campaign
  4. Ensure your message is seen and reinforced resulting in greater brand recognition and increased ROI
  5. Expand your reach without expanding your marketing dollars
  6. Generate potential new customers from increased traffic to your website and retail location
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How Technology Meets Strategy to Get Results

Multi-Channel Branding Step 1-2
Multi-Channel Branding Step 3-4
Multi-Channel Branding Step 5-6

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