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Increase ROI with Targeted Digital Display Ads

Using our comprehensive consumer database, we help companies target the individual consumers most likely to buy, utilizing the same targeting criteria that they would on a direct mail or email marketing campaign. We can also coordinate integrated marketing solutions by launching a banner ad to the same precision-targeted audience on the same day your mail or email campaign deploys. Take advantage of these digital display ad benefits:

  • Relevant ad delivery to your ideal audience
  • Increased effectiveness of email and direct mail marketing
  • Customer base growth
  • Increased conversions
  • Capture people who have previously engaged with your brand online

Our Targeted Digital Display Toolbox

Statistical Modeling and Digital Display

Statistical Modeling and Digital Display

Reach your optimal audience across the entire Internet by custom modeling your best-performing customers online.

  • 1,000 Conversions: Prior to the campaign, a pixel is placed on your website to capture 1,000 conversions.
  • Model: A custom model is built by a team
    of statisticians who match your customers to the entire Internet population – based on 10,000 different data points.
  • Banner Ads Served in Real-Time: Once your
    audience is identified we will target them in a Real-Time Bidding platform to get the best possible rate for each impression.

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Effective uses for display ads…

  • Turn website visitors into buyers
  • Targeting new pools of prospects online
  • Generating brand awareness
  • Reactivating former customers
  • Improving the response of a traditional campaign
  • Acquiring leads
Effective uses for display ads

Increase your ROI with Digital Display Ads.

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