Every company has a backstory and Focus USA is no different.   Focus USA was founded in 1994 by CEO, Chicca D’Agostino.

Chicca founded the company on the idea that data is knowledge and knowledge is incredibly powerful when used correctly.   She has always had a passion for working with data — combining it, analyzing it, manipulating it — and creating unique methods of data combination.

Key to our success and longevity is our passion for quality and responsive data.

Our goal is the same as it was in 1994. Focus USA assists brands to acquire, retain and reactivate customers by leveraging our extensive data intelligence to “identify, target, engage” through consultative marketing strategies and analytics, whereby our clients experience significant growth while keeping costs in line with their marketing spend.  We are dedicated to designing the data-driven marketing response campaigns that set our clients apart from the competition.

Chicca D'Agostino
Chicca D'AgostinoCEO

Leadership Team

Michael Ugenti
Michael UgentiPresident
Donna Young
Donna YoungCVP, Database Management
John Fleming
John FlemingCVP, Operations/Marketing

Sales & Account Management Team

Meg Ugenti
Meg UgentiCorporate Director, Sales & Marketing
Jennifer Klein
Jennifer KleinDigital Marketing Sales Representative
Courtney Cardozo
Courtney CardozoSenior Client Relations Manager
Madaline Shammas
Madaline ShammasSenior Client Relations Manager
Krystal Contreston
Krystal ContrestonClient Relations Manager
Gina Gelato
Gina GelatoClient Relations Manager
Madelyn Vasquez
Madelyn VasquezClient Relations Manager