Competitive Intelligence Case Study: Home Service Provider

FocusOn New Movers enabled this company to both expand the coverage of the new mover campaigns and reach the newly moved prospects closer the actual move date.
Focus USA Case Study


A popular home service provider servicing markets throughout the U.S. wanted to expand the company’s new mover program.


Head-to-head comparison against industry competitors:

Focus USA’s FocusOn New Movers (FONM) was selected to be evaluated against three existing data providers to determine if the campaign’s coverage and/or in-new-home communication frequency could be improved. The test included daily data deliveries for a month from each data provider (not all providers offered daily hotlines and could only send updates weekly) and multiple mailings each week by the company.

The company measured the following for each provider:

  • Total new mover records shipped
  • Unique new mover records identified
  • Common record recency


Focus USA provided daily FocusOn New Movers hotlines that totaled over 1/3 of all new mover records received by the company throughout the month.

Over 51% of the FocusOn New Movers records were flagged as unique because they were not provided by the other three vendors. FocusOn New Movers common record recency was even more impressive in helping the client reach newly moved consumers more quickly. Results for the first data provider to send a common record, defined as same name/same address record provided by two or more vendors during the month were:

  • FocusOn New Movers  –  75.22% (Focus provided the common record first over 75% of the time)
  • Vendor A  –  13.63%
  • Vendor B  –  5.79%
  • Vendor C –  5.36%

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