Increasing brand recognition to new movers in the area.

Focus USA Case Study


To reach a qualified new mover audience before the competition.

A regional healthcare provider came to Focus USA with a challenge. They wanted to improve efficiencies with their current new mover direct mail program, gain a larger market share, and reach this audience sooner than their competition.


Deliver the branded message through different mediums.

With multiple touch points on our FocusOn New Mover database, we decided that the best approach to increase speed to market and brand recognition to this audience would be to implement a multi-channel approach.


Reach new movers in the area through a multi-channel approach.

We would switch the dataset from the previous provider to the FocusOn New Mover database and then execute a welcome campaign via direct mail, email marketing, and digital/social media.  The idea would be to identify new movers and start sending branded messages to drive individuals to specific new mover landing pages where they could browse their closest provider location, make appointments, and review physicians.


  • Increased exposure from 30% to 80% of new movers into the area.
  • Was able to reach new movers over 30 days sooner than with previous data provider.
  • Direct Mail was delivered in-home within 2 weeks of a move. This was over 3 weeks sooner than their competition!
  • Saw appointments being made within less than 45 days of first message.
  • The website analytics showed:
    • Unique traffic increase by 300%
    • Average time spent on site increase by 40%
    • Bounce rate drop by 23%

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