Competitive Intelligence Case Study: Health Insurance Company

Focus increases response rates and boosts responders for health insurance companies.
Focus USA Case Study


A Health Insurance client of Focus USA looked to us to increase response rates and boost the number of responders actually signing up for their individual healthcare insurance plans.


Utilize our Customer Profile Analysis Program in order to gain Customer Insights

After completing a customized Profile Analysis using Focus USA’s targeted health insurance data, along with our “Intend to” Purchase identifier, we were able to target the ideal prospect audience for the multi-channel campaign.


Our Health Insurance client recognized a significant increase in direct mail response rates as well as their web traffic.
  • What started as an direct mail initiative turned into a very successful integrated approach utilizing email as the second touch
  • Web traffic to the insurance site increased 17% over the campaign period and resulted in a higher percentage of conversions.
  • The Health Insurance provider has rolled out with this integrated approach.

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