Competitive Intelligence Case Study: Non-Profit Marketer

Non-Profit Mailer utilizes their former donor housefile to reactivate lapsed donors.
Focus USA Case Study


A nonprofit organization, whose mission is to honor and empower wounded soldiers of the US armed forces, was interested in increasing donations. To do so, they utilized their former donor email housefile to reactivate donors.


The non-profit marketer sent an email blast to the former donors with an invisible pixel embedded in the copy.

The pixel allowed us to drop a cookie on the user’s browser for those who opened the email or right-clicked to download images. The campaign targeted an average of 17 banner ad impressions per cookie as the former donors surfed the net.


The overall campaign drove $9,754.80 click-though conversions and $92,052 view-through conversions within 24 hours of the campaign.

A total of 894,816 impressions where served on publisher sites with a total click through rate of $.08%, which resulted in significant donations for our fallen heroes.

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