Reach consumer who actively inquired online

FocusOn Inquiries

Capture preliminary respondents and convert them into your next customers…

FocusOn Inquiries…reach customers by postal and email who have actively inquired online to: apply for a Credit Card, to seek a personal, auto, student, or payday Loans, help obtaining Disability benefits, assistance with Credit Repair, research Beauty & Weight Loss products, further their Education, register to receive Coupons, Discounts and Deals, seek Employment or enter Sweepstakes!

Need to know


Postal – 10,000 records | Minimum Postal Spend: $600/F + $50/F shipping

Email – 20,000 records |  Minimum Email Spend: $1,700/F

  1. Checks, Visa and MasterCard accepted.
  2. Pre-payment is required for new clients.
    • Payment options include – certified check, wire transfer or personal check.  
    • We can not accept a credit card payment until we have developed a credit history (at least 3 orders).

“/M” stands for – per thousand records. (Example: $65/M translates to $65.00 for every 1,000 records.)

“/F” stands for “flat, one-time” charge.

Cancellation Terms

Orders canceled after mail date requires payment in full. Orders canceled after processing or shipping, but prior to mail date, will incur a $150 flat charge and $10/M run charges. Canceled orders prior to processing are subject to a $150 flat charge.

Focus USA database is updated daily, weekly, and monthly.